Q: Who are you guys?
A: We are the Geek team -
Dustin Smith – General Manager
Jack Shenton – Packing team leader
Kurtis Emery – Packing team.

Q: Do You offer Additional Discounts on bulk orders or for gaming clubs?

A: Yes we do; we have various offers. Freepost for orders over £80* and for orders over £100 you can get a 1% discount with the following code;

FREESHIP for any order over £80 to get a freepost option

100PLUS  for a 1% discount on orders over £100

* The FREESHIP code lowers your postage cost by £6 this reduces most domestic costs to zero, but there still maybe a charge on heavy parcels, premium delivery services and international parcels.

Q: How long have you been open?

A: We have been open for over seven years.

Q: How much does postage cost?

A: Our postage costs depend on the weight of the items
purchased. You can obtain a postage quote by placing items in the
shopping cart. The shopping cart has three domestic postage options
and two international.

Q: Are you looking for new staff?
A: At the moment we have a dedicated team and unfortunately we are not looking to expand at the moment, should this change we will of course advertise the positions.

Q: How are you so cheap?

A: We offer the maximum possible discount allowed by our suppliers, we do this as like you we love the hobby and want to keep it as affordable as possible – however lower prices dose not mean a lesser service!

Q: Do you have a retail store?

A: We do indeed have a retail store – it is called Tabletop Tyrant and is situated on Bedford Street South, Leicester.  Click here to find us on Google maps

Q: My order is processing, partial what does that mean?

A: We have several stages through which your order must go through before it reaches you.
Stage one (Paid)– The order is placed and registered on our system.
Stage two (Processing) – Our packing team receives the packing note, collects and pack your order.
Stage Three – The packed order is listed as processing at which point if it is going to be delivered via any other method than Royal Mail, it will be passed to the Team leader who will generate a tracking number and then pass this on to the relevant courier.
Stage four (Dispatched)– The order is passed on to the Royal Mail / delivery courier.
Stage Five – The package is delivered to you.

If your order is a Partial Dispatch, this merely means that one or more of the items in the order are out of stock and instead of delaying the whole order we have sent you the items we have, the missing items will be listed on a Partial Delivery note and then forwarded on to you as son as they come back into stock.


Q: Why should we choose you over another store?
A: We are reputable business with a multitude of happy customers. Feel free to see our feedback, however should you still be worried that you are not dealing with a real shop please send us an E-mail or call us on 0116 2533954 and one of the team will be happy to speak to you about your concerns. We are all hobbyists and want nothing more than to help others enjoy the game as we do. You can also see us and speak to us during opening hours on a video link. See the contact us section for more information.

Frepost Offer

Contact Us


+44 (0)1162 533 954

66B Bedford Street South
Leicester LE1 3JR
United Kingdom

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"I am EXTREMELY happy with the service you have provided. I VERY MUCH look forward to being able to do business with you at a future time. Thank you again."

- Dale