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One hundred and seventy-five years into the future Humanity has managed to survive despite itself, but for how much longer?

 The human race has reached the stars. Travelling through worm-holes, enormous commercial ships, run by the international community, known as Circulars, jump from one star system to another. Circulars are controlled by O-12, an international organism that is the second generation United Nations but with much greater capacity for decision-making and for taking action. A single, massively powerful Artificial Intelligence that is present in the entire Human Sphere, and indispensable for the great powers, assists the O-12 in maintaining a fragile balance between them.



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Infinty 2nd Edition Rulebook 289901

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New, as supplied by Infinity Games Jump into the future with the new edition of the Infinity rulebook! An impeccable look: a new cover, 232 full colour pages with plenty of illustrations and pictures, background information, troop descriptions, complete army lists, complete...


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Painting Miniatures From A To Z Angel Giraldez Masterclass Volume 1

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New, as supplied by Infinity Games This book is a demonstration of the painting methods that, over the years, have helped Ángel bring Infinity’s miniature range to life. Ángel has matured as an artist within Corvus Belli, and his tireless work has earned him a...


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Infinity Third Edition Rulebook

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New, as supplied by Infinity Games Includes the special edition model.  Know all the basic and advanced rules, learn revealing background histories of your favourite factions and look in awe at amazing artwork and model displays for Infinity the game with this high quality...


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THE HUMAN SPHERE - Expansion Rulebook

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New, as supplied by Infinity Games "Infinity Human Sphere" is an expansionHard cover book, 204 pages, in full color.With pictures, illustrations, and everything you need to enhance your experience to play Infinity: background, new rules, enhanced army lists, markers and...


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1 to 4 of 4 products

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