MTG Journey into Nyx Event Deck

MTG Journey into Nyx Event Deck

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Contains 1 60 card deck with 15 card sideboard.

Main Deck

60 cards

9  Island
4  Izzet Guildgate
12  Mountain

25 lands

1  Ætherling
1  Battlefield Thaumaturge
1  Chandra's Phoenix
3  Guttersnipe
1  Ogre Battledriver
1  Oracle of Bones
4  Spellheart Chimera
3  Young Pyromancer

15 creatures

1  Anger of the Gods
2  Divination
1  Fated Conflagration
2  Flames of the Firebrand
1  Harness by Force
4  Lightning Strike
3  Magma Jet
1  Mizzium Mortars
2  Searing Blood
1  Steam Augury
2  Turn // Burn

20 other spells


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