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28 mm Infantry Tray

The infantry tray holds 36 standard models. Compartment size 50 x 32 mm

Size: 31mm

28 mm Light Infantry Tray

Compartment size 50 x 25 mm. Holds 40 Models.

Size: 31mm

28mm Short Infantry Tray

Compartment size 25mm x 36mm. Holds 60 Models.

Size: 31mm

28mm Tall Infantry Tray

Compartment size 25mm x 80mm. Holds 30 Models.

Size: 31mm

34mm Super Heavy Infantry or Bike Tray

Compartment size 80mm x 50mm. Holds 18 Models.

Size: 40mm

Set of 2 28mm Foam Half Infantry Tray

Two 12 compartment trays 28mm infantry trays

Size: 31mm

28 mm Egg Shell Foam

Egg box style foam tray. A classic style of tray made for holding just about anything.

Size: 30mm

35 mm Heavy Infantry Tray

Compartment Size 53 mm x 35 mm

Size: 40mm

35 mm Crisis / Cavalry Tray

The tray can cary up to 12 large based models

Size: 40mm

35 mm Infantry Tray

Holds 36 larger based models ideal for 30 mm based models

Size: 40mm

28mm Pick & Pluck foam

The pick & pluck tray is a 28 mm customisable tray.

Size: 31mm

35mm Pick & Pluck foam

The pick & pluck tray is a 35 mm customisable tray.

Size: 40mm

60 mm Medium Pick & Pluck Tray

The pick & pluck tray is a deeper, customisable tray.

Size: 66mm

75 mm Pick & Pluck Tray

Customisable foam tray with removable foam sections.

Size: 81mm

2 x 50mm X-Wing Fighter Trays

Foam trays specially made for the X-Wing miniature game standard size fighters. This includes but is not exclusive to X-Wings, A-Wings, Interceptors, TIE Defenders and other similar sized fighters. Each tray holds 9 fighters.

Size: 56mm

Capacity: 267mm

Space Remaining: 267mm (0%)     Start Again Start Again

Accessories: None selected

The Tyrant Double Size Army Figure Case  Mk2

The new mark 2 case has been reorientated so that trays stack horizontally for extra protection for your miniatures. As well as the top opening, a side panel now also opens out so trays are easier to reach and stack.

A lightweight and durable black material case. The bottom surface is reinforced with plastic lining for extra protection for your miniatures. Water resistant and
specially designed to fit G.W. and K.R. foam trays as well as the Gifts For Geeks range of trays. The case comes with a zip top, sewn handles and a shoulder strap.Any unused space will be filled with cover trays.

The size of this bag is 15"x 12" x 12" (38 x 30 x 30 cm)


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